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Best Western Auction Truro 1st Sat Jan
Easter Monday Auction April 
Best Western Auction Victoria  Mon May
Canada Day Auction July 1st
Best Western Auction Labour Day Sept
Best Western Auction Tksgiving Mon Oct
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Nova Scotia Auctions -- Cape Breton Auctions
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Contact Donald or Verna (Sam) Pidgeon
Mailing Address: PO Box 1083, Pictou, N.S. BOK 1HO
PHONE 902-485-5968

 Available Monday to Saturday inclusive from 8 am to 10 pm
 by appointment or by chance - NOT Sundays or Christmas Day

PLEASE NOTE:  We have now installed a new

 This line does not reach us directly, will not ring into the office or residence & no messages can be left at this number.It is designed for one purpose only--to keep you informed of all current auction information, so that if you are en route and need time or place of an auction or directions how to get there--call this line; if you are in doubt whether an auction will go on due to weather conditions, call this number; if you want to hear a general list of the items in the current auction, call this number--all current auction information will be kept up-to-date on this line & you can call any hour of the day or night for information

Question:..I am always checking the pictures for the upcoming auctions and don't always make it to bid, but it would be really nice if after the auction, there was a price paid next to the picture of each item...just for curiosity sake ...If it would not be too much of a hassle to do so.
Answer:  It would be nice for the person at the other end, but definitely too time consuming for us.  Also, it would be "working for a dead horse"--when the auction is over, its over & we would get no money whatsoever for all this additional work--it would just be adding hours & hours of midnight work piled on top of our normal 12-16 hour day (6 days a week).  Furthermore, most clients are very adamant about not letting anyone know how much their sale took in (which is why we do not allow people in the audience to copy everything down at an auction unless they are family connected).  Setting all this information out on paper would certainly defeat this.  Sometimes, in the huge combined estate auction in New York & other cities (where the total sales go into the millions of dollars), they publish a catalogue which can cost anywheres from $25 to $80 & if a catalogue is purchased beforehand, the auction company will send out a list of prices for an additional $10 or so afterwards...then it would be worth it. A few auction companies when new on the internet publish their prices but soon catch on to what they are doing and stop the process.

Q.  I've never been to an auction.  How will I bid?  How will I be able to know the value of the item?  When do I pay and by what method? 

A.  First of all, you should register with the Clerk when you come into the auction presenting a valid license or other identification bearing present address at which time they will sign you in and lend you a bidding paddle.  There is no charge for registration, but you must return the paddle to the clerks when you are ready to leave or you will be charged for it.
     You should make sure you are at the auction for the viewing time and examine thoroughly each item you are interested in buying.  Everything is sold "as is, where is" and no returns, so be sure the items suits you before you bid.  The auctioneer will attempt to name any major flaws he/she may be aware of in the item; however, it is the buyer's responsibility to examine the items and decide for themselves on the condition.
     If you are not aware what is the going price for a certain item, contact either Donnie or Verna and they will tell you  the high and low figures they have received for similar items in the last several months.  Then you are on your own....the best idea is to determine what you are willing to pay before the auction starts.....stick to it...don't get carried away!  A few dollars more maybe....but not a lot.  Remember, there are very few things in this world that are not duplicated.  Under all probability, if the item is going far above your limit, you will be able to find may take a lot longer, but you'll have the fun of coming back to other auctions to look for it too.
    Your best idea is to wait until you are ready to leave for the day and then check in with the clerks and they will tally up your account. You can pay by cash, cheque (with a major credit card identification), Interac, Visa or Mastercard.  (Note:  if using Visa or Mastercard, a 3% Buyers Premium on your purchases is applicable).  NOTE:  We do  not accept cheques larger than $500.00 from Out-of-Province buyers unless their cheques are previously known by the Auctioneers
    Don't get too serious at an Auction--it should be fun, too....a time to meet friends, have some homemade food, buy something nice and add that day to your pleasant memories. 
    After you've been around the auctions for a while, you will find that people remember you and you remember them and friendships can become quite a clannish thing, especially in Eastern US & Canada.