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Our Staff


                                                                                                                         Thanks to Norman Babcooke for this great candid shot of the girls
Right:  RENA NICKERSON has kept our auction books and other paraphernalia in
        shape since the early 90's having had a long banking career earlier.  Her capabilities
are limitless.  She is always bantering with Donnie and keeps him in his place.  She
was a New Brunswick girl but a couple years after marrying Wayne, she moved
to Foxbrook Road near Westville (70's) since he was employed with Michelin (now 
retired).  They have two grown boys who are out on their own now.  Troy worked
with us during his high school years in the mid-90's.
Centre: MARGIE ANDREWS has been with us since around 2005 and everyone who
knows her is aware of her great work.  She knows everybody and nothing goes on
from here to Halifax she doesn't know about.  She is a real asset to our business. 
She resides in Kemptown with her husband Bill (a real character--will keep you in
stitches).  Her both sons are now in University.  Her older son, Ryan, worked for us
in his last school year.  Margie is involved in everything in the community, in
particular, very active with the challenged young adults.  Her group was involved
in the Special Olympics in 2010 and won the gold.  Other than working the auctions,
Margie is also employed in the school system with challenged children.
Left:  DEBBIE THIBODEAU just started with us a couple years ago.  She's the "Gal Friday"
She rides "Shotgun" when the Jewelry & Money are being displayed.  She fills in for
any of the girls when they need time off or just plain need an extra hand when things get
heavy.  She does the recording when I (Verna) am beginning to fade after hours of writing. 
And she generally keeps an open eye to everything going on.  Nothing passes her!  She's
an old banker, too.  Deb resides in Truro with her husband, David.  Both are retired, but
Debbie loves to come out to the auctions.  


Brylin's from Debert and has been with us for about two years, in Grade 10 at 15 now and he's already a wheeler and dealer behind the scenes and well on his way to pursuing a related career.  This is the real Brylin in this picture--usually serious looking--always thinking--always planning his next move.     

Cody has been with us since fall of 2014 and is in Grade 10.  He's a real happy-go-lucky but a caring young fellow.  He's got his Drivers Licence now and got his first deer this year (2015).

Hunter hails from Scotsburn and has been with us since the spring of 2015.  He's a real scholar and loves books, but loves his wheels, too.   His cute little smile is his winning accent.  He is in Grade 12 and plans to go to Community College in the fall.

Ben is from Scotch Hill and is in Grade 12. He's originally from England and sometimes people are really surprised to hear the English accent from a young fellow.  He's been around a lot with us this summer and really found out what hard work was when we did the farm auctions--so he's off to University this fall.  Watch for "Ben" on his licence plate, girls. 


Cameron has been with us on and off since summer.  He's the last one hired on, so he only gets the holiday work and special times at Kemptown.  He is from New Glasgow and in Grade 12.  He was just accepted for Acadia for next fall.  He's a real winner--always a big broad smile for everyone--he'll go far in business.

 Some details on our "old" Staff:

Jalysa was with us since fall of 2014 and and into the summer of 2015.  She got herself a car
and a job now where she can get more hours to keep that car going while she is finishing
school.  Here she is shown when modelling some hats for us in an auction
"Malone" as the boys called him, worked for us here and there during the summer of 2015,
but also works at his grandfather's farm.  He's big into skidooing.
Most people at the auction knew him as "Ralph".  Everyone knows how bad Donnie is with
names & when Tyler first came with us, Donnie couldn't remember his name at first and
called him "Ralph" stuck and even Tyler says, "That's okay, I kind of like it--it's my alias". 
He was with us for nearly two years--now completed his Grade 12 and is now working full
time with Sobeys near his home in Debert.


Katie completed her schooling in 2014 and is now employed full-time--still loves to drive and
is living at home with her parents.

Logan worked with us for several years and finished schooling in 2014.  He is now employed full-time and still enjoys hunting.  He lives in West Branch now.                                                   

Kathleen is the cute little one with big dimples when she smiles.  She is 20 now, completed High School and a one-year course and now has full time employment in New Glasgow.
Shown below at her graduation.

Janet worked with us on and off over the years when she was in University.  After graduating, she taught school in England for two years.  Now she teaching the Inuit children up North.   When she's back here, she lives with her family in Durham.  She just got married and is shown here with hubby.

Fran has worked with us on a part-time basis for several years.  She can turn her hand to anything from chopping wood (she does her own) to seamstress work.  She now works full time at Glenhaven.  She resides in Durham with her daughter, Kathleen.   Shown here at her daughter's Wedding

was with us over 5 years until he finished his schooling in 2009.  He was a born hunter and loves the woods.  He worked out west on the Windmills for several months and now is in the States working on Windmills.  Here's a true to life picture taken of him with his pup a couple years ago.

worked for us for over 2 years from 2008 to 2010.  He is now working towards his Mechanical Degree with McCullochs in Blue Acres and he's a Daddy now.

RANDY SKIDMORE started with us in the late summer of 2010.  He finished High School in 2011 & took the Mechanical Course in the Community College and now working as a Mechanic in Truro.
  Photo taken when he and his family were vacationing in the Dominican Republic.
worked with us for over a year in 09 and 10 and a couple months in 2011.  He resides with his family in Loch Broom and also is very interested in the mechanical line.  Good luck in whatever you pursue, Colin.

COLTEN JESSOME worked with us for a year beginning in the summer of 2010.  He's now working out West.

MATT LEES started with us in the spring of 2007 and worked with us on and off for 6 years.  He was always big time into skiing.  He has now completed his engineering degree and is working in the Truro area.
was with us for about a year and just recently met him while at a local home improvement place where he is still his happy-go-lucky self.
(yes, that is the correct spelling) Tyler worked with us for three years and in 2007 finished school.  Last time we heard from him, he was working out west.
RYAN ANDREWS  finished work with us the fall of 2006.  He went to Dalhousie University, having won scholarships there through his involvement in "Reach for the Top" where he and his team won cross-Canada in 2005.  He was out for a couple years and now understand he is back in university.
was with us for a couple years during high school.  We understand he completed his training and is now gainfully employed in this area, but we have not hear from him for some time.  He's a real nice kid and we hope he does well.
was with us during her high school years in the late 90's.  We understand she is doing great, completed University and now working in Ontario.  We we so pleased to hear from her every Christmas.
worked with us for several years in early 2000.  He worked our West for several years and last thing we heard he was back here taken further courses.
was with us for several years in early 2000 also.  He too, was working out West for several years and is now back here taking further courses.  And he's a Daddy.
was with us for several years & finished schooling in 2008. He was working out West and was shot in a freak drive-by shooting in Calgary.  He went through several operations and then moved back to Pictou.  It is with great sorrow we announce that Cameron was in a car accident in Caribou and was killed at the age of 24.
worked with us for about three years until he completed Grade 12. He is now employed in Calgary.  He was a quiet young fellow--very nice and polite...always did his work well.

completed High School and immediately moved to Calgary.  We understand he's doing very well out there. Photo was taken of Mike with our grandnephew James McCaffrey, after Mike's KO at the Boxing Match; also a photo of Mike and Donnie there too.
MAX RUSSELL was with us in the mid-80's for several years.  Max  is now living on Gabriola Island in the southern gulf islands of BC with his wife Gail & son, Robert,  where they built a house and own an Accounting & Business Service.
CHARLES BOND worked with us for a short while when he was in High School back in the 80's.  His big dream was to become an RCMP officer, but in those times, there was an overload, so he had to settle for another vocation after getting further education.  He has been out in Calgary gainfully employed for the nearly 20 years, but we just heard great news from his overjoyed mother, Joyce, who also worked for us years ago when we owned the Consulate Restaurant.  About a year ago when Charles heard of the shortage now in the RCMP, he took the longshort chance and went to see if they would accept him at the age of 39.  He started their rigorous 26-week training course early last year and in the 17th week, his mother-in-law died.  Even though he knew he was not able to leave the training program without losing his place, he felt it was necessary to go back to the funeral with his wife in the Philippines.  By the time they got back to Canada, 2 weeks had lapsed and he could not continue the course as planned..  However, they agreed to keep him on if he would do the 26 weeks of training all over again which he did.  He made it!  His mom went out to the graduation ceremony in 2009.  Constable Charles Bond is now stationed in a small town in Alberta.  We hope to get a photo of him in his red coat here. Following is an e-mail rec'd from Charles 10/24/09:
"HI Don and Verna, 
It has been at least 20 years since I worked for both of you. It is "scary" how time flies!  I am happy to hear both of you are still doing so well. My mom told me she still keeps in contact with the both of you. Thank you for giving me my first job and being such great friends to my mom, dad and myself.  Much appreciated!!
I have been living in Alberta since 1997 in a town called Morinville about 30 minutes to downtown Edmonton. It is a quiet town very similar to Pictou. I have been married for almost 3 years now to an "AWESOME" woman name Grace. I met her almost 4 years ago and I am happily married.
I am a RCMP officer in Athabasca, Alberta since Feb/09. It is a good job as every day is not the same. Anyway take care, we hope to come home next summer. I would like to see the both of you for sure!!!      CHARLES"

worked with us for the short time in the 80's....we understand she is involved in nursing and is now married with children living in the Scotsburn area.  Last account from her was to the effect that she and her husband adopted a little Chinese baby.
Here's a copy of the E-mail received from Maxine's Husband (Melvin).  We actually employed Melvin also when he was young, but that was in another capacity, "The Consulate Restaurant" in Pictou, which we opened in the early 80's and sold around 1985 (as we were wearing out doing both jobs and had to choose--the choice was the Auction business)  And, yes, we certainly do remember Melvin very fondly.
Hi Verna (and Donnie),
I stumbled upon your website while doing some research on the Hermit of Gully Lake. I ended up reading through the whole site and enjoyed it very much. I saw my wife's name, Maxine MacLellan, on the old staff list and thought I'd send an update. By the way, I worked for you at the Consulate as a busboy when I was 16, so I, too, am a former employee of yours (although not of the auction)! Maxine does indeed work as a licensed practical nurse at Valley View Villa in Riverton. I work for the Department of Community Services as a social worker. We have 3 children: Genesis who is a girl aged 7, Gabrielle who is a girl aged 4 and Garrison who is a 17 month-old boy. We traveled to China in June of 2005 to adopt Gabrielle. Our other two children are biological. We are in the process of adopting an infant son from Ethiopia to complete our family. We hope to travel to Ethiopia in the Spring to bring him home. We live in Sundridge just outside Pictou.
On behalf of Maxine and myself, I would just like to say that we both have many fond memories of working for you and Donnie. I remember that you trusted me enough when I first started that I actually even made out my own paycheques! That meant a lot to me. I remember having lots of fun with Donnie in the kitchen. I still tell people stories about him exploding houseflies in the microwave! A young person's first job is so important as it sets the stage for the rest of their lives and you two have left a great impression on so many young people.
I will attach a picture of our family. Bye for now,
Melvin Frosst   11/08

SHELDON MACLEOD  who was with us for about 6 years in the 90's completed his University Training graduating with a Bachelor of Theology degree.  He was Pastor in the Glad Tidings Church in Moncton for about 7 years and has now attained the position of Registrar with the Atlantic Baptist University there.  He enjoys his position there feeling he is able to help young people choose the right path in life.  He resides in Moncton,   Sheldon's desire from the first day we met him was to preach and he has certainly attained that position. He preached at Camp Evangeline in Debert (PAOC) this summer.  Donnie & I had a chance to go on Friday July 22/11 and he really is a good preacher--first time we've heard him.  After the service, the lady in the seat beside me leaned over and said, "Isn't he a great preacher"....and I heard myself say something I hated my mother doing when I was a kid and had attained awards--I leaned back over to the lady and said, "Oh, we know Sheldon--he worked for us for years when he was in school & university & he's a good friend..." and on and on--just so proud of Sheldon's achievements...because after spending many years working (and having fun) with all these kids that we employ, they become like our own & we care so much what they do with their lives.   Not just a good preacher, but Sheldon is a wonderful person all around--so caring and loving.  And to boot all that, he is still handsome (tall, dark & handsome).  He had his three kids with him for the week--his oldest boy is 13 and near the height of Sheldon, his 11 year old girl is a little sweetheart, but we never saw the little fellow--there's so much going on for kids at Camp, he was out doing something.  Here's a photo of Sheldon & Donnie taken after the service at camp:
Here's a copy of the E-mail received from Sheldon (rec'd in 2004) before he became Registrar at ABU: 
"Hi Donnie & Verna:---A website, how times have changed!
Well, let's see how things have changed with us.  We have three kids now.  Anthony is 6, Christine is 4 and Graeme is a year and a half.  I feel old.Theresa is studying to be a teacher and will be done at the end of this year.  She's a busy student, mom, church worker and lots more.  I'm working on a Master's Degree and working as the Associate in Moncton Church still (7 years now, 1 year longer than I was with you guys, but only half the enjoyment). We don't get home much, only a couple of times a year.  I may as well live in Africa.  Oh well, we enjoy the work and our family.
Periodically I get updates from those around home about you guys.  I hope things are going well for you, I'm sure that you both are still working like crazy.  What else is new?  Be sure to tell Donnie I think of him often.  He's been more of a father figure & influence on me and my ministry than anyone else has.  He'll be glad to know that I call Anthony "Boy" all the time & have shown him, feed my kids from the drive-thru at McDonald's, drive by houses in Pictou County and say "Did that one", often say "You're not gonna let a woman get away with that" to guys, and make sure to figure out people and church things for what they really are.  All good things he taught me, except for the McDonald's.  Anyway, a night home with Theresa calls, so I'm going to go.  Have a great summer.  If you are up this way, give us a call--we'd love to hear from you.  Blessings, Sheldon"

KATHY LEADBEATTER worked with us during the late 90's and we understand she is presently employed at Michelin on contract.
DARCY TINGLEY formerly from Durham who worked for us during the latter half of the 90's completed his university education and is now employed in Calgary. His parents live across from us and keep us up-to-date on his doings.
Letter received from Darcy:
"Hello Verna and Don,
How are things?   I stumbled upon your webpage yesterday, just checking it out.  I think I will update you.
I still live in Calgary....the nicest city in Canada. We don't get as much as that dirty white stuff you guys call snow here.  For the past 2 years I have worked for an On-line Pharmacy.  The second largest in Canada that employs 100 people. But recently the industry has come under attack and the Canadian federal government wants to shut it down.  If the government puts restrictions on the pharmacy the company is already planning to move operations overseas.  They recently purchased several pharmacies in Australia and Europe.  So with all this happening I decided to look for other employment because I'm not sure how much longer my job will be around and i don't really want to move overseas. I still use you guys as references so be prepared.  Other than that, I'm not married...yet. Its starting to feel like it.  So that's my life in a nut shell.
I still see Colby often, he's bigger and stronger than before. He gets up every morning at 5 to work out...can you imagine!!  I'm a toothpick compared to him.  Got to go.
Cheers, Darcy Ph 403-607-5541"
Jan 2011--Haven't heard from Darcy for ages--spoke with his father and tells us Darcy's been married now for a couple years and gave us a photo of him, his wife, Horn Ou & their Twins.  Can you believe this is the Darcy we knew--all settled down with a family:
MICHAEL COLBY (or just "Colby" as we knew him)--the real big fellow who worked with us in the late 90's up to 2002 is now living in Calgary where he had been employed on the oil rigs.  Colby is only in his early 20's but we understand he was experiencing some heart irregularities so he came off the oil rigs.  Last thing we hear about he, he was coming along good physically & back into the exercise & work. 
TROY NICKERSON, who was with us in the late 90's is now back from University and living in Pictou County in his own apartment. He now has full-time employment with Michelin and is working his way up the ladder there, having recently been given a much higher position and, of course, much higher income.
BUDDY MACINTOSH worked with us in the late 90's.  Many of you will remember his graphics at the auctions about that time.  His desire was to be an art designer and eventually do contemporary comic books.  Buddy could turn his hand to anything artistic.  Finally, in his mid 20's, Buddy went to College and received a degree in Art..... but once he got a taste of knowledge, he obviously desired more.....he thereafter went to University part time where he is now studying Psychology.  Best of luck, Buddy--you had the ability to go far--you aimed big and you are making it, in the face of much adversity.  (we well remember how the teacher in his school told him he would never make anything of himself--power to you Buddy!!!)
VERNA LLOYD, who worked with us for years in the 80's and early 90's in the clerking department, is now retired and resides in Westville with her husband, Danny..  Verna and Danny have remained two of our best friends over all the years.  We are glad to still see them both at the auctions on occasion.
ANDREW AUSTIN  who worked with us for about 5 years in the 90's has his Masters Degree in History and is teaching in Northwest Territories where he resides with his wife, daughter & twin boys.  Andrew loves hunting and fishing so is getting his fair share of it there and on the last letter received from him after their daughter was born, he was teasing Donnie about the big fish up there. 
DAVID DEMETRE  who also worked with us for about 5 years in the 90's is now a Surveyor.  The last we heard on David, he was back working in Pictou County.  We often see David driving around in his truck with his beautiful dog.
TYLER WILSON  worked with us in the mid 90's and decided he did not want a paperwork position for life and trained to  be a Welder.  For some time he was working in Boston making very high wages, so that he was since able to come back to Pictou County and purchase a home in the Scotsburn area; and we understand he is employed in construction welding around this area now.  We understand he is now married with a new baby.
TIM WILSON, Tyler's brother, worked with us in the late 80's.  He is now in a Management Position at Shaw Subaru in New Glasgow.
NATALIE SAWLER, who was with us in the early 90's, is married to Shaun Romano.  They've got two children now and live in Lethbridge where he is a pastor and she is heavily involved in church work. 
NIVEN SAWLER, who was also with us in the early 90's, is now a Pastor and last we heard he was preaching in California.  He married a young lady from Florida.
APRIL STEWART (our niece: the little blonde in the kilt--as she is often remembered--mid 90's) in now a Chartered Accountant doing exceptionally well with a Halifax Firm and traveling all over Canada in her line of work.  April has been transferred out to Calgary in 2008 with the same firm and did  exceptionally well there, however, moved back to Nova Scotia when her mother took ill in 2010.....still with the same firm.  We attended her wedding in August 2010 and here she is--absolutely beautiful still at 29:
DANNY STEWART (our nephew) worked with us in the mid-90's for a while and went on to be a Welder.  He is now employed with a construction firm in Pictou.
SCOTT WATSON, another from the 90's staff,  was  married in South Carolina where he and his wife are still residing.  He has computer training so is probably involved in that line there.  Some of you may remember him by the name "Sailor".
Letter received from Scott: (2008)

Hey Donnie and Verna,
It sure has been a while.  Too long in fact!  I stumbled upon your website and thought it best to write you a little email.  I am glad to see things are going well for you (well I hope they are going well).
Things are going very well for me here in Columbia, South Carolina.  I was married in 2004, and since then me and my wife Tami have had a Daughter who was born on November 8th 2006.  We have a nice little house here, 2 dogs and a picket fence.  Who would have thought huh?  Currently I am a stay-at-home Dad, and part-time home renovator. I am still awaiting my paperwork to legally work in the US, but doing fine nonetheless.
I just wanted to tell you how great it was to be employed by Pidgeon Auctions while I was a teenager, I know if it wasnít for you 2 I would have been getting myself into trouble.  I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact you 2 had on my life, how much you have taught me, how much everyone who I worked with taught me.  I feel that I am a better person for it.  Even though I havenít seen you guys in years, know that you are still in my thoughts, and I wish you all the best in the world!
I am attaching a picture for you guys to see of my family.  I just want to thank you again for your love and support over the years.  Best Wishes, Scott Watson


RYAN WATSON, Scott's brother, we understand, is gainfully employed in this area.   We recently met him when attending his grandfather's funeral.....he's really quite cute with his little beard, bought a house out the country, has a nice girlfriend and is doing well.
MARK HILL, who was with us in the early 90's, is now a Chartered Accountant and working in Western Canada.  We understand he is married to a nice girl from out that way & has a child now.
JIMMY MORRISON, who was with us for several years in the 80's is living in Halifax where we understand he is employed in computer work.
GLYNN STEWART (our nephew) on our staff in the early 80's resided in Calgary with his wife, Caroline for several years.  In his early 50's he was struck down with heart problems and died.
Photo at his wedding with brother Tim & Uncle Donnie
, (our nephew) on our staff in the early 80's, always loved to cook and, of course, became a chef.    He now resides in Halifax. Photo above with brother Glynn & Uncle Donnie--that's when Donnie had hair.
BETH MACKENZIE, who worked with us  in the late 80's is now married and residing in the Valley.  Beth had a beautiful voice and even composed many songs.  We understand she is still using her talent in that area.
AL LANGILLE, worked for us in the 80' of the Pictou boys.  Just caught a photo of him working on the PEI Ferry in July 2011:

GORDON MACKENZIE (or "Moose" as he was known in those days) worked in the early 80's with us.  He was a big fellow and comical too.  We are told he now lives in New Brunswick where with his wife and family where he is employed in the computer line.
JONATHAN MASLOW, on our staff in the late 80's married a girl in Texas and to our knowledge is still living there soaking in the sun and gainfully employed.
RALPH YEO from Halifax worked with us in the 80's and later went on to complete his Theology degree in Maine.  Last time we were in contact with him, he was a Youth Pastor in the Valley area. 
AARON GUNN (or "Tiny" as we called him) was employed with us in the 90's--he's the one who wore size 16 shoes and stood 6'6" and carried a sofa by himself above his head.  He is now a big truck driver and last time we heard, he was operating those big trucks that haul the huge logs off the mountains (3 to a load) out in British Columbia.
ROB WOLFE who was with us in the early 80's completed his University training in Antigonish and apparently settled down there with his wife and children.  We were so pleased to receive this e-mail from Rob July 2010 (often wondered how he was doing):
"Hi Donny and Sam: 
Was just on your website and checked out the "Old Staff" page. I guess I now belong in that category!  I am currently living and working in Antigonish.  After working with you folks, I finished my music degree, went on for an education degree and two masters degrees. Not bad for a high school dropout! I currently teach and am Guidance Counselor at a local High School and teach part time in the education faculty at St. F.X.   I have three grown kids, all doing well, a fashion designer, a gym teacher in training and a budding business tycoon. (need any videography done?!?) I always remember with good feelings the two summers working  (and living in)  "The Consulate" as a waiter and all the auctions in various homes and halls in northeastern Nova Scotia. I learned a lot about furniture and human behavior and take many good memories with me, like carrying pianos down the rickety stairs out of old third story apartment houses and helping save a woman's life by giving her the Heimlich maneuver. (She sent me a thank you card with $5 bucks in it, remember?)  Anyway, thanks for the memories and the start in life, you folks were a blessing and I appreciated the care you extended to me and all your staff. See you at an auction soon.   All the best, Rob Wolf"

AARON PATRIQUIN was employed with us in the early 80's.  He is married with children and the last time we heard from him, he was pastoring at a large Wesleyan Church in Ontario.
The VAN HARDINGSVELT BROTHERS - we had lost tract of them since they worked for us in the late 80's.  One of them turned up at an auction in Cape Breton in the summer of 2009 with a very pretty wife and a couple lovely children.  They are living in Ontario and were just driving through Baddeck on a trip through Cape Breton and saw the signs for the auction.  He had told his wife he worked in the auctions when he was younger and decided to take her in to see what an auction was like--only to find it was us doing the auction and there he stood, big as life, in the doorway--beaming with a big smile.  I recognized his face but couldn't put a name to him--he had to tell me--over 20 years later and he was still as handsome as ever.  I am afraid to write his first name as I always got their names mixed up....they were both about the same age when they worked for us and we would always call them "the" VanHardingsvelts.
MATTHEW STROLTZ  formerly from Halifax worked for us in the late 80's and after graduating, we are told he went into demolition work in the City.  Later he moved to England where we are given to understand he is working in a Public Relations capacity.
JOE STROLTZ, Matthew's brother, also worked for us in the late 80's.  We understand that he and his wife now reside in Vancouver where is is heavily involved in Worship Leadership.
CORY was the little fellow that worked for us in the late 80's who always wore red braces and a white shirt.  We understand he completed his degree in Theology and thereafter pursued his calling and went on to India as a Missionary which was always his dream.  Its been years since any of us have heard from him. 
MATTHEW LEBLANC also from out late 80's staff pursued the Ministry and is said to be a pastor in Northern New Brunswick now.
was formerly from Halifax & worked with us in the late 80's.  Last thing we hear from him, he too was a Youth Minister.  We heard he and his father are starting a new Christian Radio Station in the Halifax area sometime in 2011

Until now, I just didn't have what it took to do a writeup on three of our old staff.  Rita is one of them.  She worked with us for over 15 years through the 90's and into the new century.  Needless to say, we had become very close to her.  Anyone who was around the auction scene at that time will still remember her hollering "SLIPS"  (that was before we had a bell to call for the updated slips to be taken to the clerks).  Rita was a very caring family person who loved working and going around the countryside with the auction business.  She resided in New Glasgow with her husband.  It seems strange to remember this, but she was the only person I can ever knew who could just flip through hundreds of slips at a time and find one certain thing in them immediately.  Rita was suddenly taken with cancer several years ago.
This is the another person I was unable to do a writup on until now.  Russell was a sweet kid who worked for us in the 80's.  He was a really loving and caring young man who had everything going for him and was in a fatal car accident later in the 80's.  He will always be remembered. 


We have lost tract of the whereabouts of many of our "old"
staff, but would sure like to hear from you all.  If any of you
happen to read this, please advise us of your place of
residence now, occupation, wife and family (if applicable);
and a photo would be nice....several of our regular
auction-goers ask about our "old" staff from time to time
and we would like to keep them posted on this page.