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Contact Donald or Verna (Sam) Pidgeon
Mailing Address: PO Box 1083, Pictou, N.S. BOK 1HO
PHONE 902-485-5968

 Available Monday to Saturday inclusive from 8 am to 10 pm
 by appointment or by chance - NOT Sundays or Christmas Day

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 This line does not reach us directly, will not ring into the office or residence & no messages can be left at this number.It is designed for one purpose only--to keep you informed of all current auction information, so that if you are en route and need time or place of an auction or directions how to get there--call this line; if you are in doubt whether an auction will go on due to weather conditions, call this number; if you want to hear a general list of the items in the current auction, call this number--all current auction information will be kept up-to-date on this line & you can call any hour of the day or night for information
 Record High Bids obtained by us between 1978 & 2016







Steyr-Daimier 30-06 Rifle w/scope               $1150.00

Gainsborough Oil-on-Linen


Nodding Grandmother Doll (Photo)

$ 2,500

Comic Books in the mid-90's inc #1 Superman & other like jewels--at that time, it set a North American record; however, since then, such comics have escalated and would probably be worth over $3,000,000 on the market today--whoever expected things like this would fly!


Finger Oil Lamp


Ships Log Book




Early 4-Poster Bed


Large Hooked Mat


70's Down Chaise Lounge


Merganser Decoy (b/w Photo)


Lollypop Butterprint


Early Spruce Gum Box


John Geddie Grandfather Clock


Early Wall Box


Eyestones from sailing ship days


Sm Box of Early Hockey Cards from the 30's sold in the mid-90's


Hanging Oil Lamp complete with prisms, hand decorated sold in the affluent 90's


Irish Beleek Cup & Saucer


Early Fishing Creel


Early Oak Store Counter (Photo)


Hall Tree/Seat


Dukabor Style Planter (photo)


Mahogany Étagère


High Victorian Bed $3,500
6' Model Schooner Bluenose 70's $1,500
Early Copper Jelly Caldron $550
Tiny Stanley Plane $450
Oil Advertising Sign $800
Early Maple Chest of Drawers $4,200
Early Stepdown Windsor Armchair $1,400
Boston Pembroke Table $2,500
1888 Ship Painting Oil-rough condt (Photo) $3,000
Early Coverlet $280
Moosehead $550
Gramaphone with Horn $800
40's Velour Sofa Set $1,700
Beleek Tea Set $2,500
Sail Cloth Mat $1,800
Early 2-dr Maple Nitestand $4,500
Sofa Table $2,200
Early Nova Scotia Sofa $3,200
Dinner Bell $650
Early Pine Nite Stand $1,100
Handmade Quilt $590
"85th Highlanders" Book $350
Pine Mammy Bench (in 1982) $600
Pine Settle Bed (in late 70's) $600
Baby Grand Piano in the 90's $3,700
"Pictonians at Home & Abroad"  in the late 1990's $210
Beaver Top Hat-modeled by Megan (Photo) $90
Currier & Ives Print (Photo) $4,200
Oak Dining Suite $5,500
Fancywork Firescreen $2,000
Spool Bed $800
6 Sibbley Ladderback Chairs (not sgd) $1,200
Old Floor Standing Harp (as is)    $1,000
Marble Top Chest of Drawers $2,000
Chest of Sterling Silver Flatware (in 80's) $5,000
3-Pc Nova Scotia Glass Table Set $750
MacIntosh Spinning Wheel '80's (photo) $600
Spool Floor Lamp $300
Pine Lift top Blanket Chest $1,500
Victorian Parlour Table $2,000
Violin $1,500
Stenciled Bedroom Suite (in the mid-90's) $2,700
MacLeod Bagpipes $650
Mahogany Armoire $1,600
Stone Water Trough $650
Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener $250
Dump Cart $900
Sailboat $14,000
Early Butter Bowl $350
Nickel Silver Parlour Lamp $225
Victorian Cranberry & S/P Cream/Sugarmin the 90's $750
Victorian Whatnot  $1,000
1800's Nova Scotia Trade Cards - early 2000 $1,600
Pair Oval Ancestral Pictures $800
Wartime Kitchen Table/Chairs, painted $275
Kaiser Hat - as is condt. 90's (photo) $550
Early Washstand (photo) $800
Sm Early Micmac Quill Box (photo) early 2000 $1300
1900 Cricket Trophy Cup 3' high (photo) late 90's $1500
Oak Lift Seat Hall Rack w/Mirror $1800
5' High Flour Advertising Sign-Baker w/revolving Eyes/Head (photo) $2500
Light-up Adv. "Suspender Man" (photo) $450
Victorian Toilet--alleged to have come out of a whore house in the Yukon
on the lighter side-at church cake auction
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
1878 City of Halifax Atlas, as is - PHOTO  (Sold 2011) $350
Horse Drawn Surrey - PHOTO (sold 2010) $2000
Ships Box w/Ship Painting under Cover - 2011 PHOTO $1800
Huge Wavecrest Covered Dish - 2011 PHOTO $800
Sgd Grenfell Seat Mat (Polar Bear) 2010 PHOTO $250
NS Water Pitcher "Buttons & Bows" - PHOTO (sold Spring 2011) $1200
Postcard of Seals on River John Shore - PHOTO (sold in on-site Auction 2010) $80
Old Iron Gate - PHOTO (sold Easter 2012) $1400
Old Brass Store Oil Lamp - PHOTO (sold in Holiday auction 2011) $290
Will R Bird Book "Clancy" w/Dust Jacket  - PHOTO (sold January 2013) $700
Old Metal Horsehead - PHOTO  (sold 2011) $550
Sm Old Cutter Sleigh - sold as is -PHOTO  shown here after restoration by purchaser (sold in on-site auction summer 2012) $200
Early Hand Carved Horse - sold as is - shown here with happy purchaser - PHOTO (sold Easter 2012) $1000
North Nova Scotia Highlanders Tunic - PHOTO (sold February 2013) $350
Cranberry White Flake Oil Lamp - PHOTO  (sold January 2012) $700
Pr Chandler Watercolours - PHOTO  (sold Holiday 2011) $800
North Nova Scotia Highlanders Long Narrow Photo - PHOTO (sold February 2013) $650
Cast Iron Peanut Man Still Bank - PHOTO (sold Holiday 2010) $250
Sm PEI Pottery Crock (no cover) - PHOTO
(sold 2011)
Narrow 6' long Folky Hooked Mat - PHOTO
(sold Holiday 2011)
Unusual Cylinder Curved Glass Top Quartered Oak Buffet - PHOTO (sold around 2008) $1800
Old Brass Nautical Telegraph on Stand - PHOTO (Sold Natal Day 2010) $1075
Port Neuf Bowl w/Hairline Crack - PHOTO (sold 2009) $175
Ship's Billy made of Rope - PHOTO (sold 2009) $125
Smaller Photo of Sally Sark, well-known Native Lady from Pictou Landing who went door-to-door in the County selling Baskets in the 40's & 50's - PHOTO (sold 2008) $80